If you are a fitness freak or a person that endures sports, it is obvious that you are obsessed with how your body features are operating while you are working out. You constantly think about how much calories you have burnt, what is your heart rate, how long have you been running etc. It is all possible to calculate with the help of a little device wrapped around the wrist. This device is called a fitness band and can be controlled and adjusted by installing an application depending on the model of the band. But how effective or useful is this band? Let us understand the working and perks of having a fitness band.

Fitbit, Garmin, misfit are some of the renowned brands that manufacture top-class fitness bands. They come with features like touch screen, vibration alert, calorie count, step monitoring, sleep monitoring, heart rate sensor and many other cool features. They are fitted with multiple sensors that are highly accurate in any condition. They are also made waterproof up to certain depth.


  • It counts how many calories you burn throughout the day, thus helping you work out accordingly and burn maximum calories.
  • The heartrate sensor constantly reminds you to not overdo any exercise. You can work out, by maintaining your heart rate simultaneously. Very useful for people with heart conditions.
  • With the feature of sleep monitoring, you get a detailed idea of how much sleep you got last night. It shows you a detailed mapping of your sleeping pattern and allows you to make changes in your sleeping schedule accordingly.
  • Activity tracking allows you to understand your physical features during a particular exercise. For example, it can track your morning jog details and give you information like calories burned, time duration, heart rate etc. during the particular exercise.
  • Smart notifications feature transfers all your smartphone notifications right on your wrist. You can even use some of the call features in your smartphone.

Hence, is it safe to say that fitness bands are worth spending money if you are highly concerned about your fitness and health. Getting a fitness band will also motivate you to work out in case you are not in the mood for exercise or a little demotivated.