· Find a good time to come out

Look for the right time before coming out. Don’t rush be patient and tell your parents when you are mentally prepared to deal with their reaction. Also, if your parents are already dealing with some trauma avoid telling them as it might hurt them even further.

· Give them time to accept

After coming out. Naturally, you’ll be getting weird reactions deal with them. Don’t be sad because your parents didn’t accept you. Your coming out will be a shock for them and they themselves will need time to deal with the shock. Give them time to accept the situation.

· Stand up for yourself

Don’t give up on them, don’t give up on yourself. Stand up for yourself, make sure to try harder to make your parents understand. If they don’t accept you as a member of lgbtq+ you should be honest to yourself and be firm on what you said. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Don’t be pressurized and spend your life as a straight person or get married to someone straight and ruin both of your lives.

· Address their concerns

Talk to your parents, address their concern. Explain to them what actually is lgbtq+. Explain to them that you are not different and you are not alone there are many people in society like you. They might have many questions in their mind address those and answer those questions. It’s important to clear their misunderstandings so that it becomes easier for them to accept you.

· Explain your perspective

Explain your perspective do them. Tell them the importance of accepting yourself. Explain your feelings, explain your situation to them. Make them understand the importance of their acceptance to you.

· Keep yourself safe from abuse

If your parents become aggressive and start abusing you verbally or physically, move to your friends or relative’s house for some days to keep yourself safe from the abuse.

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