Right after we pass out S.S.C or H.S.C, we dream of working for a large firm, or a huge multinational company. Some of us even think about exploring jobs in abroad. But almost everyone neglects the fact that we have well-paying jobs here in our own governing system. Working for the government opens us for many amenities. Let us see what those are: –

  • Salary – The most important factor that we consider during a job search is the salary. Since the commencement of the 6th pay commission, the payment that government employees receive is well above some of the corporate sectors.
  • Job security – A job-seeking individual always worries about job security before accepting a placement. In the government sector, employees have fewer worries regarding job security. The job positions remain unaffected compared to the private sector
  • Health care – Even a minor health issue can cost us thousands nowadays. Government workers get decent medical cover, which also extends to their family members.
  • More holidays – Compared to the private sector, government employees get more holidays. They only have to work 5 days a week. Besides, you also get a fixed number of paid holidays per year.
  • Working hours – The system of performing overtime against own will doesn’t apply to the government sector. It the worst-case scenario, even if you have to work extra hours, you get a good amount of bonus in return.
  • Flexible life – Above points that say, we get decent holidays and lower working hours only improves our home life. You get to spend more time with your family. You don’t face any stress or work-life depression.

A government employee is also well-reputed and respected in society. Our youth who is rushing to go to foreign countries must evaluate their decision and try to go for government jobs here.