With a variety of fascinating prospects, political science assists students in advancing their careers. Students interested in studying and assessing the functions of politics, government, and society should pursue a degree in political science. Political science is an excellent subject for anyone who wants to study how political institutions work as well as improve critical thinking and analytical skills.

1. Civil Services

Becoming an IAS, IPS, or IFS officer is regarded as one of India’s most prestigious careers. Officers play a key part in the country’s law and order enforcement, therefore a career in the civil service offers the opportunity to make dramatic and good changes in the Indian economy.

A good understanding of Political Science is required for anyone considering taking the UPSC exam, and studying the subject at the undergraduate level can be extremely beneficial.

2. Law

The Indian state’s laws, as well as the Indian Constitution, are covered extensively in the Political Science curriculum. This qualifies the subject’s students for a career in law after they graduate, as they already have a thorough understanding of the discipline’s principles.

3. Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence Analysts are employed by government agencies such as the CBI. They apply their political science knowledge to assess all levels and dimensions of development in the country’s volatile regions, which necessitates their unique knowledge and skill set.

4. Policy Analyst

This is a wonderful career option for Political Science graduates, as they have the requisite knowledge of the country’s political and legislative processes and are a good fit for the job.

Political science students develop excellent critical thinking, writing, and research abilities, as well as a thorough understanding of public policy, all of which are necessary qualifications for qualifying for a policy analyst position.

5. Journalism

A good political journalist is someone who has a deep understanding of politics and wants to use that knowledge to raise public awareness about it through various media. Given their knowledge of politics and comprehension of the political environment, Political Science graduates make outstanding political journalists, reporters, and correspondents.

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