While a person is recovering from a surgery, along the way when they feel encouraged to be back to feeling normal, they might even develop depression. No matter which type of surgery you undergo, depression can occur anytime. People who experience depression do not expect it in any way.

The causes of depression after surgery are as follows:
· Chronic pain

· A reaction to anesthesia

· Experiencing depression before undergoing a surgery

· Effects of pain medications

· It occurs because of the physical and emotional stress of the surgery.

· Anxiety and stress about the possible complications

· Worrying that the surgery may not be enough

· Tension related to recovery, financial cost and more.

In study, it was discovered that people who experience chronic pain tend to fall prey to post surgery depression.

Here are some of the ways to deal with depression occurring after a surgery.

1. See a doctor

If you think you are experiencing post surgery depression, it is better to see a doctor. They would likely prescribe you some medications that won’t hinder your post-surgery care. If you are planning to take some natural supplements, first consult your doctor about its safety.

2. Going outside

The best way to cope with depression is to alter your surroundings and you can do that by going out and taking deep breaths.

3. Look towards positives in life

Set positive and achievable goals even if they are small and as you achieve it make sure to celebrate it. Setting goals is the best way to focus on the positives in life.

4. Exercise

Once your doctor suggests you exercise, make sure to follow a routine of exercising.
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