With the growing technology and intelligence, Journalism is also boosting. It has become one of the biggest industries in the country and globally. There are multiple opportunities, and here 5 Major ones for Journalism students.

1) Reporting: This position is very interesting as well as challenging. Journalism students can explore different opportunities in the huge world of digital media, including video, podcasts, interactive content, and more. The digital space provides a dynamic way to engage with audiences.

2) Data Journalism: Analyzing authenticity has become important in the world of all fake news and reports. Journalism students can take the role of data-savvy reporters. They can analyze and visualize data to come up with authentic and compelling stories.

3) Investigative Journalism: Investigative journalism is a very important role. It remains a critical pillar of the industry. Students can make their careers revealing corruption cases, human rights abuses, and other issues.

4) Social Media: Students can also work on social media. They can help their organization or company build a strong social media presence. Understand the audience’s needs and engage with them.

5) New Journalism: This non-traditional journalism method, such as nonprofit news organizations and crowd-funded reporting, offers innovative career paths for students passionate about journalism’s societal role. Mobile journalism has become very popular in recent years. And this has made it easy for people to get the daily updates.