To live in a society and be respected by people, individuals need to have certain qualities that involve general behavior and your way of treating them. In contrast, silly mistakes in your behavior and personality can ruin your image. Here, check those silly behaviors you should avoid.

1) Interrupting: Well, this habit is very irritating when you don’t allow the other person to finish what they are saying and interrupt them with your opinion. Cutting in between shows that we lack faith in your opinion, and this leads to ruining your image. And this results in disrespect.

2) Impatience: Respectful people don’t hurry unnecessarily. If there is an emergency, it’s a different case, but when it turns out to be your casual behavior, it makes others think that you are incapable of handling the pace.

3) Agreeing Easily: Well, if you really agree with someone’s opinion, do not apologize for your own opinion. This shows that you don’t have faith in what you believe. Never just accept what others say. First, take time and then reciprocate.

4) Arguments And Complaining: When you argue, this shows that you are desperate to prove your point without listening to others, which makes people take you for granted. While complaining all the time about the thing you cannot change makes people lose respect for you.