· Seating alternatives

Employees shouldn’t be forced to seat on a specific place allotted to them. Instead, they should be provided with seating alternatives. There can be no specific places allotted for employees, but allotted places for type of work. Also, employees should be allowed to work outside their cubicle or cabin. Alternative seating will help them bring out the best of them as it won’t bore them and being able to switch places can help them be productive and refresh their mind.

· Make breaks priority

Providing employees break is very necessary to refresh their mind. Making breaks a priority will definitely assist you in improving productivity. If you want them to work hard make them play hard too. Giving them free time while working and arranging recreational activities like games, gym etc. can help improve efficiency.

· Set a comfortable office climate

Especially, in India or other countries with a tropical climate, it’s important to have an Air conditioner in the office. Also, setting an appropriate temperature is necessary. Too cold or too hot can affect the productivity of the office. A comfortable temperature will make the working environment blissful and improve the efficiency of the employees by avoiding the distraction.

· Offer flexible work schedule

If possible offer a flexible work schedule to the employees, flexible work schedule enables employees to work at their most productive period. Every human has a specific productive period. Letting them work in their own time while maintaining the working hours will help you bring the most out of your human resources.

· Allow natural air and light in

No matter how posh your office is, always allow natural air and sunlight in some part of your office. It is said that nature can motivate you and make you feel good. Having indoor plants in your office will also help a lot for employees to perform better. Greenery and natural air can relieve employees from stress and work pressure.

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