A business degree can be useful in almost any area and can lead to a variety of professional opportunities after graduation. Whether your passion is finance or entrepreneurship, picking the correct business major specialization can be crucial to preparing you for success in the job you want.

Here are 5 business majors you could opt for:

1. Master of Business Administration

One of the most renowned business degrees offered is a Master of Business Administration. Accounting, finance, applied statistics, business communication, business law, business ethics, managerial economics, management, entrepreneurship, and marketing are examples of typical curriculum for this program.

2. Accounting

Accounting students learn how to keep track of, evaluate, and manage financial statements, as well as how to generate financial paperwork and run a firm. You can study for the certified public accountant license exam in addition to your degree.

Accounting, accounting information systems, company law, auditing, cost accounting, and tax accounting are some of the topics covered in this curriculum.

3. Marketing

Marketing students study product marketing, price, brand awareness, consumer research, and how to use advertising to target specific customer behavior.

Advertising and promotion, marketing communications, international marketing, marketing management, professional selling and sales management, consumer behavior, marketing research, and marketing strategy are some of the topics covered in this curriculum.

4. Finance

Accounting, economics, project management, business principles, and how to use this information to help firms and individuals prepare for the future are among the topics covered by finance majors. Finance majors learn how to build long-term strategies and invest.

5. International Business

The global economy of today is genuinely global, and many firms have activities all over the world. Expanding markets, multinational operations, and cultural habits are all things that an international business degree will educate you about.

You’ll study classes in business ethics, worldwide markets, and global commerce, and your degree will prepare you for jobs such as management analyst, business development specialist, and logistician.

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