Sharing everything with your partner is very important in any sort of relationship you are in. Oversharing is not a problem but trying to induce jealousy into your partner or else making them feel inferior to you is a problem. Everything has its pros and cons. It depends and varies from individual to individual. Some people don’t like oversharing or don’t prefer oversharing, while some do.

Some partners are vulnerable to it while some aren’t. Oversharing is not a problem but what information you are sharing is something that has to be worth sharing, should have the best interest of your partner.

If you think there’s something important that you need to share, alert your partner in advance that you are going to share the information that might be a little triggering.

Look, if we have the best interest of our partner in our mind we will end up speaking the best but at times when the situation goes reversed, it’s important that you confront your partner to not take anything seriously and that you love them.

Sometimes you might have the urge of being playful with your partner and would feel like making them jealous, just clear things out to them in advance that you’re just being weird for a while and that nothing should be taken seriously.

Last but not the least, don’t push yourself into doing much of it, a little bit of everything is fine, oversharing of “information” that makes sense, which is important can be shared without being hesitant.

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