Apple’s latest launch was the iPhone SE which is another masterpiece by the $2 trillion-dollar company. All the products that Apple designs and manufacture is top of the class and hardly any competition can match its elegance. But this godly company was started by two Steves together. Steve Jobs, the fired-up visionary and Steve Wozniak who was the timid genius working on his visions. But Steve Jobs was the brain of the company. His inventions like iPod, iPhone and iPad revolutionized the world. It is safe to say that because Jobs invented the iPhone, we can experience the amazing features of smartphones today.

‘Stay hungry Stay foolish’ is what he once said. Always look for better options and advancements. Steve believed that inventions were supposed to be intuitive and flawless in design. That is exactly what he displayed in all his products. After dropping out of college Steve joined the calligraphy class for a while. It seemed like a waste of time but 10 years later when he was designing the first Macintosh computer all his Calligraphy skills came back to him. The Mac became the first computer with multiple typefaces and proportionally designed fonts. Nothing you learn in your life is a waste. Every little skill can be useful someday in the future.

Steve had an open-minded and positive approach to every small or big idea he received. His determination made all his products perfect and that in turn inspired others to come up with amazing ideas like him. Now that he finally quit his job and is living his life in peace, Apple still finds his absence to be priceless. Every product that Apple launches now has a touch of jobs on it and the company crossing $2 trillion mark in just two years is proof of it.