It is no surprise that every girl in India or even abroad, who knows Hritik Roshan is madly in love with him. He has amazing physic and a masculine body. Regardless, his exceptional acting skills and mastery in dancing is what makes him one of the most liked and popular heroes in Bollywood. His movies like Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Agneepath, Lakshya, Dhoom 2, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara showcases his eye-popping performances. Let us see his routine fitness drills and diet he follows to have a chiselled body: –

  • Diet – Hritik’s body is so muscular and fat-free because of his strict diet. He doesn’t believe in dieting and starving yourself to be fit. He eats healthy food at regular intervals as it improves his digestion. He prefers to eat egg whites, chicken and protein shakes to maintain protein in his body. You would be surprised to know that Hritik is a foodie and cannot resist from eating desserts and chocolates. Just like any other normal human, he likes to eat the food his mom makes. He doesn’t have a special separate diet. His carbohydrates consumption includes oats, sweet potato, pasta and brown rice.
  • Workout – Hritik has every day in a week planned for a separate type of workout, except Wednesday as it is his resting day. This workout plan is specially designed for him by his instructor, Kris Gethin. Hritik does 30mins of Cardio every day. He focuses on chest, legs, abs and arms from Monday to Friday. Hrithik says that if you feel pain, absorb it and learn to play with it. He performs underhand cable pull, bent over barbell row, back extension, seated calf raises, and standing calf raises for his chest build up. For legs, he depends on the leg press, seated leg tucks, extension and squats. He maintains his six-pack abs by relying on the military press, side lateral raise, upright barbell row, reverse flies and weighted sit-ups. And finally, his mighty arms are made by triceps extension, cable lying triceps extension, straight arm pull down, concentrated curls, dumbbell bicep curl etc.

Anyone can achieve a body like him. All need to do is have the dedication and follow a strict diet along with strenuous workouts. All this will be useless if you don’t act on your plans. Once you start it is compulsory that you don’t give up. You may feel discomfort and pain at the beginning due to sore muscles, but it gets better.