Nothing lasts forever. Be it good or bad, everything around us is temporary. Life isn’t simple for everyone. Some are born rich, but some have to make themselves rich. And in doing so, you will challenge as huge as a mountain or as vast as an ocean, but the final result will be golden. Just as nature works, when we have four months of monsoon after which comes the Autumn. Monsoon brings along thunderstorms are strong winds that can be dangerous at times. Continuous rains can also bring floods. But after all, this comes the autumn season which is a calm and steady season.

The saying ‘After the Storm, Comes the calm’ tells us that just like the principle of nature of how it changes from bad to good, our life can return to be good too. The failure that you face, the races that you lose, or the tests that you fail are all a part of the beautiful journey of your life. The barriers and obstacles are necessary for a sweet victory. The harder the task is, the better is the success. In one of the seasons of IPL, the Mumbai Indians team didn’t start well and lost 5 consecutive matches in a row. They still managed to win the finals that same year and the victory celebration was even greater than it would have been normally.

To conclude, life without storms or obstacles is no life. You will never get you to test your abilities if everything comes to you easily. So, stay strong during the storm and show your skills when it’s gone since all your problems are temporary!