· Slow down your thoughts by taking a deep breath

Before you get rid of your thoughts, you must slow down your negative thoughts. You can try breathing exercises to help you slow down your thoughts. Meditation and breathing exercise is a great way to get control of your mind and thoughts. So taking a deep breath while having unhealthy thoughts will definitely help you slow down and eventually get rid of it.

· Distract yourself

Having unhealthy thoughts can promote more negativity. To stop that, try to distract yourself when you are having the first negative thought. You can distract your mind by doing something else like watching a movie or painting or simply falling to someone. Distraction will stop the chain of unhealthy thoughts at the very beginning and won’t let it grow.

· Talk about it

If you are constantly having negative thoughts about someone or yourself, talk about it to someone you trust and someone who can give you better life suggestions. Talking about it will help you get the guilt out of your shoulders and can enable you to deal with those thoughts with the help of your friends or family.

· Practice positivity

Negativity can only be killed with positivity. So try to replace your unhealthy thoughts or intentions with a positive one. Gradually, you’ll get rid of unhealthy thoughts and will unconsciously start thinking positive. Practicing positivity is the best way you can deal with unhealthy thoughts.

· Stay away from people that trigger bad thoughts

There are some people that either frustrate you so much that you get a bad thought or they put those thoughts in your head. Whatever it is, you must try to stay away from such horrible people who trigger bad thoughts in you. Instead, surround yourself with simple and positive people and people who teach you something valuable with their words and actions.

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