Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Navratri, Dussehra, and Diwali celebrations will fill the upcoming weeks. The festive season in India is unique for many reasons, including the time when families gather, special dishes are prepared, and homes are aglow with holiday cheer. But more than anything else, the grand festive season is a time for decluttering and making space in our homes and hearts for love and prosperity. During festival season, interior design and furnishings go through a thorough cleaning as well as sometimes entire overhauls and reconstructions.

Gabriel Gil, Head of Design Innovation at Bonito Designs, offered some straightforward suggestions for people looking to update their house over the holiday season in an interview with HT Lifestyle. “Handcrafted things give originality to your nests and enhance the beauty of the entire design,” he stated. Small plants can be held in place with the help of macrame wall hangings, which also add a bohemian and Indian touch to the room’s décor. Vintage multi-utility drawers can be an addition to assist tidy the area and provide depth to your home by storing all the useful items that are dispersed in different places together.

He gave the advice, “Create the perfect design for this area merely by replacing the soft furnishings, considering that the living room accommodates family and friends during the holiday season. Combine vibrant couches with a patterned rug to give the room a completely new visual depth. Another piece of advice for the living room is to choose cushions in rich fabrics like velvet, silk, or jacquard that contrast or coordinate. Within minutes, the room may feel fresh with a fresh set of curtains. When selecting the ideal curtains for your home, keep a few factors in mind, such as choosing a sheer fabric that balances the lighting in the space. Keep it basic yet elegant to lend structure to the overall look and feel of your home, or go wild if you want your curtains to be the focal point of the space.

You can choose brass or copper pieces, silver vases, and beautiful candle holders to add a touch of glitz, the speaker continued. By keeping scented candles in your homes, you can add a touch of magic while enhancing your mood. Choose clear or glass jar candles to use as décor pieces. Without lights and rangolis, the holiday season lacks the finishing touches. Set the mood for celebrations with lights in tones of gold or other colors that reflect the character of your house. Indian culture uses rangolis to decorate homes and bring luck and goodwill. To make your rangoli at the front of your house stand out, even more, add candles and lights. These suggestions can make sure your house is decorated and ready for the celebrations.

Furniture – Because it takes up a lot of room in a home, choosing items that can accomplish two things at once helps create a cozy, comfortable space where visitors and family can gather and laugh. One method to accomplish this over the holiday season is to group the sofas together with lounge chairs surrounding them.

Changing the frames – A glass mirror gives your house a sleek, sophisticated appeal. Add mirrors of various sizes to the empty wall, especially by the stairs, and adjust the scene a little by moving the frames about.

Hanging stocking holders is one of the simplest methods to liven up your Christmas decorations because Christmas is also not that far away when we talk about the holiday season. They can be positioned wherever you like, on railings, windows, and staircases. Additionally, you may purchase candy cane stocking hangers to give your décor a little extra excitement.

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