Wouldn’t you agree that we Indians swear by our cup of tea?! We begin our day with a cup of kadak chai and end it with tea in the evening. A variety of nibbles are included with the tea to enhance the flavors of this wonderful and hot beverage. While some people enjoy their tea with savory nibbles, others prefer their tea with a slice of cake! In fact, the combination of tea and cake is popular in Western culture.

Our fondness for this delectable combination led us to develop an easy recipe for a cake that will go absolutely with your evening tea – coffee banana cake. The goodness of coffee has been blended into the scrumptious banana cake in this one-of-a-kind cake. This cake does not require you to be a baking genius! Just follow the easy procedures described below and enjoy freshly baked cake at home.

Coffee Banana Cake Recipe: How To Make Coffee Banana Cake

You should begin by preheating your oven. To make this cake, the wet components will be whisked together first, followed by the dry ingredients. Allow the coffee to brew in boiling water. Meanwhile, using a hand mixer, cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the eggs and whisk them into the batter. Then add the ripe banana and coffee water.

Salt, baking soda, and flour are sifted in a different basin. Ensure that the dry components are free of lumps. When there are no more air pockets remaining, fold the dry ingredients into the wet batter. Fill the baking pan with the batter, then bake it. The coffee cake with bananas is ready! It sounds simple, right? Prepare this light and fluffy cake at home to astound your family with your baking prowess.

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