Shershaah is a film based on the life of Indian army captain Vikram Batra, who was awarded the Param Vir Chakra which is India’s highest valor award, for his bravery during the Kargil War of 1999. The movie is a really heart-touching and inspirational movie.

Here are a few things to learn from the movie Shershaah

1. Love has no limits

We will always find a reason to stick together no matter how far we are from our loved ones when the love is genuine.

2. Never, Ever Give Up On Your Dreams

It’s natural to feel flummoxed and conflicted about our own decisions at times, but what ultimately matters is our determination to realize the dreams we’ve harbored since childhood.

3. Trust

Trust is perhaps, among the world’s most fragile things. We must trust others if we want to be trusted. Trust isn’t something that just appears out of nowhere; it is something that must be earned.

4. Some friendships are special

True friends are those who are always there for us, guiding us home when we’re lost, pulling us out of the darkness, and showing us the light, not just those who are with us on our good days to celebrate our victories.

5. Memories last forever

People come and go, but the moments stay with us everlastingly, trying to tear us apart a little with every passing day, but memories are also the timeless treasures of the heart that can never be forgotten. They are also a gateway to the beautiful memories of the past.

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