If you have a breakup with your partner, then it means that you both have to go different ways. To cope up with that breakup you need to forget about your partner and forgive your partner and let it go.

But there are some situations where you might think that whatever your partner has done is not right and he should realize it and you may feel like taking revenge, so here are some tips for you.

1. Send his new partner an anonymous message about what he did

This can be one of the ways of taking revenge, by sending a text to his partner about his deeds. This does not mean that you have to spoil their relationship or say something that would break their relationship. But this only means that you can tell his new partner or give them an idea about what things he did to you or something which will just make him or his partner angry.

2. Go out with your friends

Going out and partying with your friends can be the most effective way to take revenge on your ex, by showing him that you don’t need him anymore and you are no more sad because he left you. But you are happy without him.

3. Flirt with someone else when he is around

Making someone jealous is the best way to take revenge on them. If you want to take revenge on your ex and make him realize his mistake, then make him jealous. Talk or flirt with someone else when he is around and make him realize he is no more important to you.

4. Spend some time on your appearance

Making yourself look good doesn’t imply you shouldn’t be your true self, it means that you should add up some spice to your natural self. Change your dressing style, but only if you are comfortable, give yourself a haircut and take some photos and upload them on social media. Make him realize what he missed by breaking up with you.

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