One of the all-time great badminton players is Lin Dan, if not the best. His former accomplishments have topped those of every single badminton player in history, despite the fact that he may have been dropping out recently and not winning as much. The five-time world champion and two-time Olympic champion undoubtedly has some hints and insider information.

Let’s examine more closely what makes Lin Dan the best badminton player in the world.

The main benefit of Lin Dan is his assault. A player who combines racket and shuttle ability with strategy is unbeatable. Please allow me to elaborate.

One of the finest players at playing around the net is Lin Dan. It is exceedingly challenging for other players to compete against him because of his tricks and ambiguity. Lin Dan is unpredictable because he will take the shuttle on one route and then abruptly change it.

The ability to anticipate is maybe Lin Dan’s greatest competitive edge. Since he started playing badminton at age five, Lin Dan has accumulated a sizable amount of expertise that he may utilize to succeed. He learns from this experience what shots his opponent can make in specific situations and how to put them there.

Lin Dan’s and all other successful badminton players’ footwork speed, steadiness, and capacity to play a variety of badminton strokes are some more contributing elements. One of Lin Dan’s unique qualities is his ability to smash well despite being late to the shuttle. Playing against him is now considerably more unexpected because of this. He comes down with a lethal line smash when you’re anticipating a drop or a clear.

Lin Dan is a very patient player despite having a strong attack and being quite aggressive. He watches for his opponent to lose patience and make hasty shots. In order to do this, he plays several clears and drops to the opponent’s forehand side, either until he has played enough to see that the opponent’s mobility has been impeded or until the opponent commits an error that Lin Dan may take advantage of.

This is an extremely skilled player-only technique. Essentially, after hitting the same general region repeatedly until the opponent becomes accustomed to it, you suddenly alter your direction and pace. The opponent will be confused by the abrupt shift since they are accustomed to the velocity and direction of the shuttle and will be unable to approach it.


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