Although there are a variety of ingredients that may be utilized in cooking, we can all agree that potatoes are the most versatile. There is always something you can make with potatoes when it comes to cooking. Not only in Indian cuisine, but in many other types of dishes as well, potatoes are a staple element. As a result, you are free to use potatoes in any recipe you like, whether you want to have a rich dum aloo or patata bravas from Spain. For something quick and simple, however, how about making an aloo ka cheela? Even while aloo cheela is generally eaten during Navratri, it also makes a delicious dinner when eaten at other times of the year. It’s simple and incredibly satisfying.

This dish features an outside texture that is crunchy and an inside texture that is mushy. Almost any masala may be used with this. Add a ton of your favorite vegetables if you want to make this healthful. Potato pancakes made with this easy breakfast recipe also make a tasty teatime treat. So, if you’re looking for a quick, simple, anytime snack, try this recipe! Cook sure to serve it with hot green chutney and relish it when you make it! See the dish’s complete recipe below.

Grating some potatoes is the first step. In a bowl, now mix the grated potatoes with the besan and corn flour. Now, add the masalas of your choice to this. Add some water after blending, then stir once more. Only a thick consistency is acceptable. Once that is finished, warm a pan and pour some oil into it. Cook the potato mixture from both sides after pouring it. Serve until crisp and golden!

Source:Food NDTV

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