Indian Thali With Roti Shaan Hoti Hai. Roti is a common ingredient in Indian cuisine, particularly in the north and center. Usually, we make wheat flour at home. Wheat-based bread can harm people with diabetes. If you have diabetes and are having a khan-paan chat, you should avoid eating aksar roti. All that is being discussed are fruits and veggies. But it is crucial to consume wheat and roti if you have diabetes.

Oat bread has advantages.

Wheat bread has a high carbohydrate content. For diabetes people, consuming additional carbs is not at all healthy. If you have diabetes, you should consume Rotis made with oats rather than wheat flour.

The Best Reasons to Eat Oats

Oats have an extremely low caloric content. Oats are nutritious and high in fiber, both of which are good for diabetes individuals. After being digested, oats release glucose gradually, preventing a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. Oats are better for many conditions, including diabetes, than wheat because they have fewer carbs.

Making oats

A few people first find it challenging to consume oats. But there are several methods to prepare and consume oats. Oats may also be used to make spicy khichdi in addition to roti. You may consume oats by mixing them with milk. Oat rotis may be made appetizing by combining salt, cumin, and onion with crushed oats.

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