Failure is indeed a stepping stone to success. When you experience failure in life, it strengthens and motivates you for a successful future.

The former President of India, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam has inspired us to look and deal with failure in a positive way.

Dr. Kalam was a Project Director for the SLV3 which was launched on 10th August,1979. Around 317 seconds after its launch, the flight was aborted and the SLV pummelled down into the Indian Ocean.

With the whole country watching, it was a disappointment not only for Dr Kalam but also for his entire project team and the nation.

He was mentally and physically exhausted with the setbacks he faced; the failure of hovercraft project, Nandi, the abandoning of RATO and the aborted mission of SLV.

He relieved his failures with despondency and accepted the responsibility at national level. He did not let regret and sadness overpower him. He received great emotional support, encouragement and guidance from his team mates.

Dr Kalam let positivity do all the thinking, analysed the situation, learnt from his mistakes and moved ahead.

A year later, on 18th July 1980, he launched Rohini Satellite in orbit. This execution was a successful and a prideful launch for India that is now marked in the Indian history.

Many were sceptical about this launch and raised doubts considering his past failures. This did not deter him, instead he remained committed to his nation.

Dr Kalam firmly believed that success follows when there is a commitment for a greater cause.

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