In the rising digital world, the video conferencing app, Google Meet has gained quite a popularity. Even though it is popular, it has its own sets of pros and cons.


1. Google meet is convenient to use as it is available both on phone and on the computer. Its interface is also simple and easy to understand.

2. It integrates well with Google calendar which makes it easy to schedule events and meetings.

3. The consumption of data is minimal and the audio-video quality is also very good.

4. It is quite compatible with google software such as google drives.

5. It gives access to save the sessions for later use.

6. Google meet operates in keeping the members connected for a long duration and it makes sharing of files easy.

7. It has a good capacity to hold multiple participants at the same time. It allows around 100 participants to connect at a time.


1. There are certain features that are not included in the free plan.

2. Google meet records and stores all your video calls for their purpose, unlike other software.

3. The microphone has stability issues that need to be fixed or else it makes conversation complicated.

4. The video quality tends to disrupt in between the conference call which requires the participants to rejoin.

5. Unlike other video calls, google meet does not have annotations or remote control for easy use while sharing a screen.

6. The new UI, although an update is not the best compared to the top competitors.

7. It should work with more fluidity which it lacks at times.

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