The best Bollywood motivational songs teach you that despite your difficulties, there is always a silver lining! We’ve discovered some pretty inspiring pieces of music from some of B-most town’s well-known composers over the years.

Here are the all-time best inspiring songs from Bollywood

1. Roobaroo – Rang de Basanti

Roobaroo is a Hindi language song sung by Naresh Iyer and A.R. Rahman from the film Rang De Basanti. This heartfelt song has the potential to bring you up from the depths of despair!

2. Jai ho – Slumdog Millionaire

Inspirational songs offer you the courage to take on any challenge. Even more than Hercules at times! That’s where this song comes in handy! The beats and music will fill you with self-assurance and motivation!

3. Love you Zindagi – Dear Zindagi

The film deals with one of the most delicate problems, mental health wellness, and awareness delivers a message that anyone can overcome any adversity in life if they have the willpower to do so! The music has the same effect on us! Even if it doesn’t provide you what you want, you should love your Zindagi!

4. Yuhi Chala Chal Rahi – Swades

They argue that life should be viewed as a journey rather than a goal. Yuhi chala chal raahi, Kitni haseen hai ye duniya, Bhool saare jamele dekh phulon ke mele! That is some excellent encouraging music!

5. Kal Ho Na Ho – Kal Ho Na Ho

Failures have a major influence on us, and we often fail to see the big picture in these situations. This song emphasizes the value of life and how each day presents an opportunity to live better than the day before!

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