So, you finally got a coffee date with your dream girl. It’s time to pick what to wear now that the hard part is gone.

Because casual coffee shops rarely have a clothing code and coffee is so informal, it’s important not to overdo it, but it’s also important not to underdo it.

So, for your coffee date, here are a few stylish options.

1. Denims

Well-fitted jeans will avoid bringing excessive attention to your lower half, since they are a staple of casual sophistication and the perfect, comfortable solution for practically every situation.

Denim will be your best buddy in a moment of causal necessity, whether you’re having an afternoon stroll and chatting or pausing to have a dance in the middle of the street.

2. Layer up

A beautiful pick for any casual outing–especially if you’re on a coffee date and don’t know what to wear. It’s crucial to keep things simple but beautiful and functional while rocking a layered look. Keep your pants simple for a layered look.

Your tee is where you can really show off your personality. Underneath a solid half-zip sweater, layer a bright button-up. Wear it with a dark-colored quilted jacket or a long camel or navy overcoat.

3. Minimalistic ensemble

If you’re unsure what to wear on a coffee date, a simple outfit is nearly always a good choice.

Although it may appear that a minimalist ensemble is too plain and simple for a date, you can still look your best in it. Keeping your colors neutral yet in the same tone is the best way to achieve a minimalist look.

Tips to ace your coffee date

1. Keep it casual

One of the most crucial first coffee date suggestions is this. There’s no reason to convert a coffee date into something more serious and taxing than it already is, so if you want to keep the date going after grabbing coffee, go for a light walk, visit a park, or do something else.

2. Find a comfortable café

This is significant because, despite the abundance of pleasant cafés in most cities, café and restaurant chains do not necessarily provide the same level of comfort and cosiness as smaller, locally owned businesses.

3. Do not grumble!

Braggers can be annoying and whiners are far worse. Do not annoy someone by telling them about your troubles or ailments. It is preferable to have a light-hearted discussion about the weather, holidays, hobbies, vacations, and so on.

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