A great film pierces to the core, what it means to be human, stimulating the mind and stirring the soul. Stories of underdogs, miraculous transformations, overcoming adversity, and the path of an ordinary person to heroism.

Such stories stick with us for a long time and spark something in us that we didn’t even realize was there. These are some of the most inspiring films ever made.

Here are 5 inspiring movies you must watch

1. Million Dollar Baby

This is a great storyline to watch for women who want to improve their spirits and achieve great things in life. It is an astonishing tale of a dedicated woman who works with a trainer to become a successful one in the profession. The story’s lesson is that “nothing can stop you if you have a strong enough will.”

5 Best Inspiring Movies You Must Watch

2. The Pursuit of Happyness

A must-see motivational film that will never tire you no matter how many times you view it. The epic plot teaches a life-changing lesson of being joyful regardless of what occurs in your life. You may face events in life that threaten to shatter you. To combat cancer with energy and positivity, all you need is patience and the appropriate mentality.

The film will leave you with a good attitude and practical advice on how to deal with the issues that life throws at you.

5 Things to learn from the movie 'Pursuit of Happyness'

3. Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa’s tale is one of struggle and hard work, not only boxing. The plot is well-knit, and this entire view of his life is what makes the film so great. The challenges of daily living that he tries to earn for, his relationship with his best friend’s sister, and the formation of his career are all well-knit components of the plot.

This story of a man who goes from being a “nothing” to becoming a “someone” is extremely inspirational.

5 Best Inspiring Movies You Must Watch 1

4. Forrest Gump

The film evokes feelings of innocence and love, reminding us to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Slow-witted Forrest never regarded himself to be disadvantaged because he grew up in a safe atmosphere with his supporting mother.

He attempts in his own tiny way to make others happy, but he becomes perplexed while rescuing Jenny, his childhood sweetheart.

5 Best Inspiring Movies You Must Watch 2

5. Schindler’s List

The story’s plot is a masterpiece, depicting mankind as it is distorted in commerce during a time of war. The film concludes with Schlinder’s awful demise, despite the efforts of those on his ‘list’ – a genuinely inspirational conclusion that will leave you in tears.

5 Best Inspiring Movies You Must Watch 3

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