Read interesting facts about Paulo Coelho.

1. When he told his parents, he wants to become a writer at the age of 16. They though he is mentally sick and actually got him admitted to Mental asylum. He stayed there until he was 20 and tried to run away three times from there. After he returned from the asylum he gave up on his dream.

2. Paulo Coelho was studying in a law school, which somehow didn’t work for him and then he decided to become a traveller and travel the world. He travelled to many countries from South America, Europe, Africa etc. until he decided to start writing.

3. He has also worked as an actor, director and a lyricist before taking up writing as a full-time job.

4. His first book, “ Hell archives” failed to make a success. The book was published by his own publishing house and somehow failed to impress the audience. He didn’t like his second book himself and found it to be of bad quality. It is also said that ‘The Alchemist’ became famous because of Brida, people actually started buying the former book after reading the later.

5. The famous Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogue from om Shanti om which goes, “ agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to saari kaynat tumhe usse milane me juut zaati hai” was actually said by Paulo Coelho, “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

6. Paulo Coelho writes almost one book every two years but he says he actually gets the ‘sign’ that it is time to write another book. So,he begins with a new book whenever he finds a white feather.

7. In 1974, he was put behind the bars because of his lyrics which fell under “subversive” activities according to the government.

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