Whenever we read one of Ruskin Bond’s stories, we are enthralled and left feeling good on the inside. Bond’s wonderful characters and anecdotes that immediately transport us back to the happiest years of our lives would not have remained the same if it weren’t for his lovely characters and stories.

Here are 5 lessons to learn from the author Ruskin Bond:

1. It’s necessary to be enthusiastic about your work: Bond made it a point to maintain practicing his art throughout his life, whether it was through writing competitions or simply jotting down his views without a specific audience in mind.

2. If you wish them to, dragons and fairies exist: Bond’s stories genuinely revived our trust in the world of imagination and magic, something we will never be able to thank him enough for.

3. The importance of financial freedom cannot be overstated: After finishing his education, Bond traveled to London and worked in a photography studio while looking for a publisher for his novel, The Room on the Roof, and shortly after it was published, the author utilised his initial deposit to settle down in Dehradun.

4. Make the most of unfavorable circumstances rather than using them as an excuse: Bond had multiple opportunities in life to give up his painting, but he refused. Instead, he made it a point to accept the challenges that life threw at him and grow as a person and writer as a result.

5. It’s never too soon to begin: At the age of 16, Bond wrote his first short tale, Untouchable, in 1950.

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