You should not be worried if you have unprotected sex. Though having unprotected sex is not a good idea, if you have had an incident, you should read the following article and follow the recommendations given. You should not make it a practise to engage in unprotected sex because you may suffer adverse affects. When searching for answers to questions like “I had unprotected sex” on Google, the most crucial things to look out for are STDs and pregnancy.

If you’re looking for solutions to queries like “I had unprotected sex and what to do to avoid pregnancy,” then the content below is for you.

1. Use Emergency Contraception (EC) as soon as possible

Emergency birth control pills, also known as morning after pills, Plan B, and emergency contraception, are birth control pills that are prescribed to avoid pregnancy after having unprotected intercourse. They work because these tablets include a higher amount of hormones than regular birth control pills.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the sooner you take these pills after unprotected sex, the more helpful they will be.

2. Use a urine pregnancy test if you haven’t had your period after unprotected sex

Around one week following a missing menstruation, a home urine pregnancy test can be used. A urine test can be performed in two ways: collecting urine in a cup and then dipping a stick into it, or collecting urine in a specific container and then using an eyedropper to place some of it on a tick; and inserting a stick into the urine stream and catching midstream pee.

3. If an Unexpected Pregnancy Occurs

It might be challenging to make a decision about an unexpected pregnancy. Here is what you can do. The pregnancy can be continued and you can have a happy family, or if you are a single parent, you can raise the child on your own.

The pregnancy can be continued, and an adoption plan can be put in place so that the kid is raised by someone else. The pregnancy can be terminated, but do so with caution.

Sexually transmitted illnesses are another major issue about unprotected sex. If you find yourself concerned about anything, You should be tested for STDs. The timing of this test is determined by the infection’s incubation period. The time can also differ from one person to the next.

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