Many professionals have a dream of starting a consultation house which is a great career path but it is downright hard.

Here are the five facts you need to know before starting a consultation house.

1. You’d encounter cranky people

If you can’t handle unpleasant relationships with people then consulting isn’t for you. Consultation involves face-to-face business where you meet people and talk to them. Some people here are plain mean and so you need to be ready to face such people.

2. Your deliverable is knowledge

Consultants are hired for their knowledge since clients don’t know something that consultants do. You use your knowledge where you are hired. You deliver the knowledge as it is and you’d get paid for it. It is okay if they do not like it or disagree with it, you shouldn’t back down.

3. You are selling yourself

In the consulting world, the consultant has to sell themselves. All you need to do is dress well like the services you provide. Clients like to associate higher cost with higher value so add a big price tag on yourself. Show them your worth by doing what you promised.

4. You are not your own boss

In consulting, you are not your own boss but the person who gives you money is your boss, that is the client. Since they pay you for your hours, they expect positive results.

5. You are probably not charging

New consultants often don’t charge enough either due to guilt or inexperience or they just don’t know how much they should charge. You should charge more than you think you should because the higher you rate, the better you look.

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