‘DON’T GIVE UP.’ you must have probably heard it all the times you fail or fall. This is what we are taught in our school since childhood. No matter how big the pile of difficulties is, don’t give up. And at times we even apply it to our lives and often see the result to be positive. But sometimes life has a different opinion and it puts you through something that you can never cope up with. Should you give up at such times? The answer is NO!! It doesn’t matter what the task is or how impossible it looks, trying until you succeed is the only way you can complete it. Here are some famous personalities who believed on the same principle and became world-renowned: –  

·         J.K. Rowling – You probably may have watched the Harry Potter movies or at least heard about it. Based on the books written by Rowling, Harry Potter is one of the most successful and liked franchise of all time. But this success didn’t come easy to her. She was a divorced woman who didn’t even have enough money to feed her child when she wrote the first novel, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone’. It was rejected a lot of times by the publishers until Bloomsbury publishing gave her another chance.  

·         Steve Jobs – Founder and Ex-CEO of the world’s first trillion-dollar company, Steve Jobs has to be included in the famous people who didn’t give up. He was a college dropout as he didn’t have enough money to pay for the courses he took. He started Apple company from his parent’s garage as a personal computer modifier and almost went bankrupt before inventing the Mackintosh Computer. He was also fired by the board of directors due to a conflict of interest, after which he started another successful company called Pixar.  

·         Colonel Sanders – Founder of the famous food company, KFC, Colonel Sanders’s whole life was a failure. He failed as a lawyer and a salesman too. After which he started selling fried chicken and ironically the recipe for the same was rejected many times. But he didn’t lose hope and kept making it better and the rest is history.  

·         Jim Carrey – HIs father had lost his job when Jim was only 14 years old and his family was in a difficult situation after that. His family had to stay in a minivan on one of the relative’s lawn, while the young aspiring mind of Jim Carrey sent his resume to The Carroll Burnette Show. At the age of 15, he started his career in comedy and was unmatched and loved by everyone. This is how the Jim Carrey of today was made.  

These are the people who decide to do something about their problems instead of quitting and sulking in pain. Their stores have inspired millions already and now it’s time for you to be motivated.              


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