Hormones are chemicals in the body that regulate a variety of biological functions. Female reproduction, menstruation, and other functions are controlled by oestrogen and progesterone. As a result, physicians recommend synthetic versions of these hormones to help women avoid becoming pregnant. Selecting a contraception technique might be tricky. Know your choices and how to choose the correct sort of birth control for you.

Here are ways to control birth via hormonal methods.

1) Vaginal ring

In the vaginal canal, a tiny plastic ring is implanted. To avoid conception, oestrogen and progesterone are released. It is placed inside for 3 weeks and then withdrawn in the 4th week. After the 4th week, a new ring must be installed. During the first week following insertion, it is recommended that you use a backup contraception device, such as a condom.

2) Birth control shot

Every 3 months, a progestin dose is given into the forearm or lower back. After you quit taking injections, it could take up to 1 and 1/2 year to become pregnant. As per the CDC, the injection has a 4-percentage-point failure rate. Abnormal bleeding, missing menstruation, and gaining weight are some of the most prevalent negative effects.

3) Birth control implant

A flimsy plastic rod is inserted in the forearm of a woman. It’s a hormonal contraception with a slow release. It includes progestin, which is given in little doses over a 3 year time. As per the CDC, the average implant probability of failure is 0.1 percent. As soon as the implant is extracted, you can become pregnant.

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