Eggs are one of the most underrated foods. Similar to coffee, people choose their preferred method of preparing eggs early in life and rarely stray from it. Consider my mum as an example. With a side of bacon, scrambled eggs are her go-to recipe. She usually orders the same thing when we go out for breakfast. Don’t be like my mum and do me a favor. To liven up your morning routine, try one of these egg hacks. These tricks will impress you whether you choose to cook the ideal fried egg or just seek a new way to separate the yolk from the whites.

Make scrambled eggs in the microwave.

While making scrambled eggs in the microwave may seem strange, it actually tastes great. When I was living in the dorms, I frequently did this since it gave me the impression that I was preparing food for myself. Crack two eggs into a mug or bowl that can be heated in the microwave to produce scrambled eggs. Forty-five seconds on high in the microwave, then give them a quick stir. Reheat them for 30 more seconds, then season and devour.

Hard-boil eggs in the oven

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Instead of using a saucepan of boiling water, use an oven for cooking your hard-boiled eggs. Put the eggs in the oven and simply bake them for 30 minutes at 325°F. As soon as you remove them from the oven, place them immediately into a bowl of ice water to stop further cooking. Peel your “cooked” eggs after they have cooled, and then enjoy.

Fry up a toad-in-a-hole grilled cheese

Cracking an egg into the center of your grilled cheese sandwich will elevate it to a new level. To make a hole in the center of your grilled cheese, use the top of a glass. Crack an egg into the hole and reassemble the sandwich on a greased pan. Put a lid on your dish and heat it for a minute before serving.

It’s a fantastic idea to change up your morning routine with these egg hacks. Try one of these tips next morning instead of preparing scrambled eggs as usual. You’re going to discover a new favorite way to prepare eggs; I have a strange feeling.

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