This also includes several sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage. These train excursions in India encompass hundreds of kilometers as they go throughout the whole nation. These excursions also provide some of the most beautiful scenery in the nation, from woodland vistas to breathtaking waterfalls, and to further enhance its attractiveness, some routes even have vista dome coaches that enable you to really enjoy this ride!

India also has other opulent trains suited for royalty, but this is not all. The Maharajas’ Express is one of them; it is frequently contrasted with Western opulent trains like the Orient Express and others. It provides the highest level of comfort, cabins styled after castle apartments, mouth watering food, and much more. The railway has begun taking reservations for four vacation packages, which is welcome news after two years of the epidemic.

During their voyage, guests may enjoy the finest of India on board the train, which has even reintroduced some of its iconic journeys. These seven-day, six-night packages will take you to some breathtaking locales, like the Taj Mahal, as well as charming spots in Jaipur and the woods of Ranthambore, among others.

“Indian Panorama,” “The Indian Splendor,” “The Heritage of India,” and “Treasures of India” are the names of the packages. The first three are shorter packages of seven days and six nights each, whereas Treasures of India is only four days and three nights long. Additionally, guests have a choice of cabins or suites.

Source: lifestyle Asia

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