Making to the gym is a very difficult task to carry out every day. Building up the motivation and going to the gym in itself is a great deal everyday. Once you have dealt with reaching the gym, the gym itself is a task again. You have many thoughts while working out. Well, that’s really acceptable. We always feel negative and totally outraged. There is a series of self-doubt coming from your head with an abundance of negativity and insecurities. These thoughts turn out to be toxic for us and they often hurdle the process of our workout in the gym.

Here are a few of the toxic thoughts one gets when in the gym and how it affects your routine.

  • Unfit for the surrounding

You always get those thoughts that you don’t fit in the gym environment, that you aren’t as perfect enough to be there. You always look at more perfect bodies and wish you had one, and somehow fail to work towards it.

  • Wish for the body around you

In the gym, there are different types of bodies, some are well built, some are struggling with weight loss, some are trying to gain muscles. We watch different kinds of bodies and maybe feel bad about our own bodies altogether.

  • Thoughts of eating instead of workout

You might dream of eating a pizza while running on a treadmill. You would feel like going for eating instead of taking all that effort in the gym for a perfect body.

  • Someone is better than you

When you set a goal, you might see a person who has already achieved those goals, and eventually feels demotivated and feel disgraceful. You must always take them as an inspiration and use it to make yourself better.

  • Someone is watching over you

Many people don’t like being watched over when they are exercising. You are conscious if you being watched by someone and always try to be in that and try to suppress your exercises due to shyness and awareness of the people around you.

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