Improve your understanding of anxiety

It is not easy to support a partner who suffers from anxiety. Understanding what anxiety is, its different varieties, and how it feels to live with it might help you figure out how to help your partner with anxiety. Knowing more about it provides a frame of reference and the appropriate questions to ask your spouse, allowing you to better modify your helping efforts. Although no two fears are the same, nor are their manifestations, educating oneself about anxiety, in general, is beneficial when assisting a spouse with anxiety.

Communicate freely.

If you ask your partner how to help them with anxiety, they might tell you. This is most certainly not new to them, and they may already be aware of what helps them feel better. If you’re wondering how to support someone suffering from anxiety, look to the individual you wish to help. They are the best source of information for determining the best strategy to assist someone suffering from anxiety.

Don’t tell them what to do or how to think.

Although living with someone who suffers from anxiety can be difficult, resist telling them what to think or feel. If they are terrified or anxious, telling them they shouldn’t feel that way and justifying won’t help. Using reasoning frequently will make them feel worse because they have almost certainly tried it before.

Make them feel welcome.

In your efforts to figure out how to aid your spouse with anxiety, you may accidentally give the image that your love is conditional. They may believe they need to get or be better in order to keep you by their side. When considering ways to assist your partner with worry, keep this slippery slope in mind. An anxious or angry spouse may believe they are not good enough for you.

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