Keep in mind that life is constantly changing. Things can improve.

When problems arise, it may appear that things will only worsen, but this is the pessimist in us speaking. We can break out of the loop if we keep the faith and respond to the issue with good and productive acts. Sometimes all we need to do is let time pass and avoid the urge to overreact and escalate the situation. During these moments, I would aggressively engage in other aspects of my life to distract myself.

Remember how you faced similar challenges in the past.

When we are going through a difficult moment, it is natural to be gripped by dread, self-doubt, and gloomy notions that we would not be able to overcome the hurdles. We forget that it always seems unattainable until it is completed and that we have conquered comparable challenges in the past.

Remember that things aren’t always as horrible as they appear.

Zoom out on the problem and consider the big picture. Our attention is sometimes diverted by the burning fires in our lives, and we fail to see the big picture. It is uncommon for every area of our lives to go wrong at the same time, and it is vital to maintain the proper perspective when things go rough. We must remember that our difficulties are only a subset of everything else going on in our life, and we must not allow anxieties, dread, and pressure to take over our brains.

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