· Lit candles and listen to soothing music

Lit scented candles in your home and listen to soothing music while doing some other household chores or practising self-care. Scented candles will make you feel good and improve your mood. Music can help you relax and calm your mind. If you are with your partner, you can also opt to dance on the music and make the environment romantic.

· Take a hot water bath

Pamper your self with a hot water bath or if you have a bath tub you can take bubble bath too. Relax in your tub take your time in there. You can listen to music while bathing and also have a glass of wine while enjoying the bubble bath in the tub. Taking bath not only makes you fresh and energetic but also improves your mood and can be considered as self-care.

· Order your favourite food

When relaxing choose to order your favourite food and eat it while watching a series or a movie. If you are on a diet consider one day as your cheat day and enjoy your food thoroughly. If you love cooking you can also choose to cook. Eating your favourite food is definitely the most loved self-care activity.

· Practice skincare

Pamper your skin a little. Exfoliate with a scrub. Apply a facial mask, take steam. Massage your skin with face massager if you have any. Or else you can just massage with your hands. Taking care of your skin is very important but we hardly find time to pamper our skin. So when you got time make sure to utilise it.

· Take a nap

Take your beauty sleep. Sleep is very important for our health but due to work and other stress, we don’t get enough sleep. On your holidays along with other stuff make sure to sleep a lotto complete the pending sleep log.

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