The pandemic has forced us to stay at home and especially away from hospitals because chances are quite high to catch the infection in the hospital. It’s absolutely possible that a sudden ache in any part of the body can force us to visit a doctor. Some parts of the body are still manageable and can be treated at home but the toothache or anything related to oral health we hardly have any home remedies. So here are few home remedies to take care of oral health.

· Every advertisement and every dentist must have told you but brushing your teeth twice a day is very important. Now that you are home, you can also brush after every meal so that there’s no residue on them.

· You must also floss at least once a day and mostly before going to bed.

· After brushing remember to massage your guns for 2-3 minutes with a clean finger to improve blood circulation.

· To prevent bad breath use tongue cleaner both morning and night. It prevents the build-up of bacteria in the mouth.

· You can cause infection to your gums if you try to remove food with a toothpick or pin, always brush or use floss.

· Avoid piling up chocolates for your kids, since you have total watch over them during lockdown make sure they eat healthy, keep count of sugar intake and ingrain good habits like brushing twice and general oral hygiene in them.

· If you have swollen gums or painting gums, rinse with warm saline water and massage the gums with your finger for relief.

· If you have severe conditions like jaw fracture, accidental fall of the tooth you need to visit the doctor and don’t try to treat it yourself.

· If you are having toothache then find out the cause of the ache and take the required steps. If it’s because of having cold food it’s advised to avoid it. If chewing on a particular side of mouth causes pain, avoid that consciously and wait until you can see the dentist.

· Stop believing in myths and treating some serious pain on your own. Using clove or alum directly on your gums can cause burns and create an uncomfortable situation for you.

· If you can’t visit a dentist, consult them over a call and learn from them what you should do.

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