OCPD (Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder) is a personality disorder that is defined by severe perfectionism, order, and neatness. An individual with OCPD will also feel an overwhelming need to impose their own rules on their outside environment and people as well.

Here are the symptoms of OCPD

1. Perfectionism to the level that it degrades the capacity to complete a particular duty.

2. Rigid, strict, or harsh attitudes.

3. Being extremely stingy when it comes to money.

4. A severe desire to be punctual.

5. Severe attention to each and every detail.

6. Exaggerated commitment to work, not giving more time to family or social relationships.

7. Collecting worn or unnecessary commodities.

8. Inability to share or assign work with others, because of a suspicion that it won’t be done rightly.

9. A strict devotedness to laws, rules, and regulations.

10. A severe need for order.

11. A feeling of righteousness about the way things should be done and completed.

12. A strict commitment to moral and ethical principles.

Here are the treatment for OCPD

1. CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy)

CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is the most common kind of mental health therapy. At the time of cognitive behavioral therapy, you address a mental health professional on a properly scheduled pattern. These frequent sessions include meeting with your counselor to discuss your problems and finding ways to cope through any anxiety, tension, or depression ,and sadness.


Your doctor may prescribe you a SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) to reduce some anxiety encircling the obsessive-compulsive cycle.

3. Relaxation training

Relaxation training includes particular breathing and relaxation methods that can enable you to lessen your feeling of stress and urgency. Some kinds of recommended relaxation methods include yoga, tai chi, and Pilates.

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