When it comes to kids, they need food that is more tasty to eat, or else it becomes very difficult to feed them, especially for vegetarians. However, if you don’t know, there are good options for vegetarian kids to taste the goodness of protein to build immunity. Here, take a look.

1) Chickpeas: These are comparatively low in fat and have a high protein content. Chickpeas are affordable and can be made in ways that the kids will love and ask for more. You can serve your child with boiled chickpeas in the salad, pour it in puree, and serve it with chapati.

2) Lentils And Pulses: Loaded with proteins, lentils, and pulses are the favorite of every vegetarian, making them an ideal choice for kids. Try simple recipes with them and see the magic and how your child finishes the plate even before you visit them.

3) Broccoli: It is not just a great source of vitamins A and C but also a great source of protein. In addition, it also provides a source of fiber. You can add this to your kid’s diet boiled or add this to salads.

4) Dry Fruits And Nuts: Many people advise avoiding dry fruits because of a lot of fats, but this is wrong because it has good fats. You can include dry fruits and nuts in your child’s daily diet, which helps build overall immunity. Give them to eat casually or try to mix them with snacks.