For a relationship to run in the long term, both partners should have an equal understanding of each other’s emotions and circumstances. However, that’s not only the thing which can help to build a great bond, but also one needs to be careful while communicating. There are certain statements you should avoid saying, no matter how angry or sad you are.

1) You Don’t Care: It happens that sometimes your partner may not behave as per your expectation; that might make you think that they don’t care, but that’s not true because everyone has different ways to express their love and saying that they don’t care about you can deeply hurt their feelings.

2) You Are Being Dramatic: Every individual has a different personality, and so the way to react in certain situations is different. In such cases, when you say to your partner that they are reacting over or being dramatic, this can lead to misunderstanding as you don’t know what they are going through or how they feel, but your blame that they are being dramatic can make them feel low.

3) If You Really Love Me: This is the most hurtful sentence a partner can hear from their lover. They may express their love through their words or not, but their actions certainly show their love, and even after giving all their time and attention to you, if you ask ‘if they really love you,’ it can make them feel hurt, and they start blaming themselves.