Who does not want to be happy? Undoubtedly, there is no one. We all are constantly in pursuit of happiness. The things we do every day affect our feelings and thinking about ourselves. And we believe that making good decisions leads to a state of well-being. And we seek to avoid fear and create a comfortable environment. But some habits can ruin your happiness, and here we share the list

1) Not Valuing What You Have: Human beings often look for things they don’t have rather than acknowledging what they already have. Try to find joy in the small things you have and set goals for big.

2) Comparison With Others: Comparing yourself with you can help you make yourself better. But the constant comparison with others can lead to dissatisfaction, which may lower your self-esteem.

3) Living In The Past: It’s human nature to think of the things that have already been done rather than learning from past mistakes and trying to be better. Live in the moment.

4) The Blame Game: Blaming others for your problems can be a destructive habit. This can hurt you as well as the people around you. So, you’d better stop doing that and focus on solutions.

5) Toxic People: You should leave all the groups and people who drain your energy and do not support you. Criticism is necessary, but excess can lead to demotivation.