In today’s world, where competition is increasing daily, people strive for success. And so, in the process of achieving their goals, one forgets to look at their health. While being fitness and health are two different terms that are used interchangeably. Read more to understand.

Fitness means the capacity to do physical work; on the other hand, health means staying physically, mentally, and socially well. It is not true that someone fit may also be healthy or someone healthy may be fit.

A fit person will have a higher amount of physical endurance, strength, and flexibility, and it is possible that they might have an underlying health issue. For example, a person who is fit and has a fantastic physique but has a poor diet routine and smokes which is not healthy.

In contrast, a healthy person might not be fit, just as in the above case. For example, a person who does not smoke and eats healthy may not have physical capacity. In addition, a person who is healthy but suffering from mental issues is also considered unfit.

In conclusion, fitness and health are two different and necessary things for human beings. And one needs to maintain a balance between the both. A proper lifestyle, regular physical activity eating well, good sleep, etc. Also, one must ensure to keep themselves fit and healthy to be able to work and progress.