In today’s time, everyone wishes for true love to be there in their life. True love is something scarce in this generation, so everyone just tries to give their best. However, this generation is more about leaving each other in tough times or getting into a relationship for physical needs. While love and lust are two completely different feelings, and people often get confused about the other. Read more to understand.

Love is an emotion that is based on trust, respect, loyalty, and admiration. On the other hand, lust is a physical desire for the other person. However, one must know the difference between love and lust as it has different impacts on a relationship.

Sometimes lust can be confused with love, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Getting attracted to a person when you meet is a normal thing, but it’s necessary to understand each other very closely before considering that physical pull to be loved.

Lust is an intense desire and craving for the person, while love is the feeling of contentment and security. And so, if you are physically attracted to someone, it’s undoubtedly lust rather than love. Love and lust are different emotions that cannot be mixed into the same thing.

As a result, one must know the difference between love and lust also, when your love turns into lust which is not significant for your relationship.