Laughter is an expression that is usually linked with joy, free spirit, enlightenment, and other happy emotions. However, a person who laughs all the time doesn’t mean that they are so glad. And this should be recognized by the people who surround them. Every laughter isn’t happiness, and sometimes it’s a way to hide their emotions, struggles, sadness, etc.

People use laughter as their face mask to hide their true feelings and emotions. It’s their way of dealing with problems, ups and downs, sadness, and negativity. As these people feel that people will miss judge them if they show their genuine emotions. And this fear of being vulnerable makes them fake laughter.

In some cases, a person may laugh due to discomfort and awkwardness. In a social gathering, such people choose laughter to cope with the situation. Also, this false emotion of happiness can be means of self-preservation. In comparison, many use humor as their defense to deal with traumatic feelings or circumstances.

In conclusion, happiness is crucial, but assuming a person who laughs is always happy isn’t true. People hide their sorrows behind their beautiful laughter.