Your body is not the only one that needs exercise and fitness, your brain also needs regular training to keep working properly or else it would get rusty and you will lose your thinking power. The more you put your brain to use the sharper it becomes. So mental workouts are very crucial and everyone must do them to keep your brain healthy.

· Brainstorming

Take up a problem and brainstorm to find a solution for it. Come up with different ideas, pros and cons of apply those solutions and then choose the best one. If you aren’t able to think of anything on your own, you can ask for help from a partner. Let your friends and colleagues help you with problems as well as solutions.

· Learning a new language

Learning a new language requires a lot of memory power to be able to remember all the alphabets, verbs, tenses, etc. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn a new language but we’ll it’s a great exercise for your brain. Your brain really gets working and you make proper use of your brain when you try to learn and speak a new language.

· Board games

Board games like chess, carom, scrabble etc. are perfect to get your brain working. Especially chess and carom require a lot of concentration and one must know enough tricks to win the game. Only when you play regularly, you learn new tricks and improve your concentration power. This playing these games assures that your brain works out.

· Solving puzzles

Similar to brainstorming, solving puzzles like crossword or Sudoku are one of the best ways to exercise your brain. Puzzles like creating a picture with pieces are the great tool to improve your visuospatial function.

· Conversation

A real deep conversation, where you listen actively and also get a chance to absorb things and then reciprocate is also a great way to work on your brain. Conversations help us to improve our listening skills and information processing skills. It’s important that our brain processes information quickly so that we are not the last ones to understand the jokes. However, make sure whom you have a conversation with because it’s important that your conversations are deep and real.

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