A delicious, nutritious supper cannot be made every other day. There isn’t much you can do when all you want is a simple bowl of dal and chawal, a paratha, or idli, is there? Chutney is one condiment that may really enhance the whole experience. Because they enhance our traditional foods with flavor, scent, and texture, each dish has a distinct flavor and aroma. Any item, including mint, tomatoes, onions, and more, may be used to produce chutney. We can now add a delicious and highly nourishing chutney recipe to this list. It is known as coconut chutney.

Coconut Chutney Recipe: Step-by-Step Instructions Take a fresh coconut and split it in half to start the preparation. Once finished, chop the coconut in one half. Now, roast the peanuts for two to three minutes in a skillet with hot oil. Add curry leaves and green chilies after that. For one minute, sauté. Mint leaves can be used for flavor.

A piece of ginger is then added as the next step. Watch the video below for the entire, step-by-step, thorough recipe.

The chutney should be poured onto an ice tray and frozen to preserve it. Use each cube as necessary. Do not be concerned; the flavor will be superb and fresh. Take a shot at it and let us know what you think.


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