· Become a freelancer

A freelancer is someone who sells services to earn money. Through freelancing you can do jobs like content writing, data entry, web designing, graphic designing etc.

· Start your own blog

If you are good at expressing your views related to certain topics, you can start your own blog. Blogging is a good way to earn money. You can be a fashion blogger or a lifestyle blogger or a food blogger, whatever you are good at.

· Start your YouTube channel

If you have the talent of creating content on YouTube, you must start your own YouTube channel. It can be a cooking channel, fashion related, painting, acting or dancing. If you make it to earn enough views, you can start earning money.

· Become an Instagram influencer

You can become an Instagram influencer, share your food-related posts or your own photos. If you earn followers you can get brand endorsements and you can earn money. All you have to do is be active on your Instagram page and post attractive photos and videos.

· Learn stock market trading

If you have an interest in the stock market, you must learn stock market trading. Buying and selling of shares are full of risk but once you have mastered it, you can earn enough money.

· Buying and selling

There are many online websites that let you buy their products and sell them at a higher price. There are also websites like Meesho that let you sell their products and give you a commission.

· Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means you sign up with retailers like Amazon, Flipkart and endorse their products on your social media and they pay you for promoting products. When people buy through the link you posted you earn money.

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