While little youngsters normally take short naps toward the evening, our way of life, by and large, disapproves of late morning rest; be that as it may, even the individuals who get enough rest, numerous individuals experience a characteristic increment in laziness toward the evening, around 8 hours in the wake of waking. What’s more, research shows that you can cause yourself more alarm, to lessen pressure, and improve psychological working with short sleep. Most specialists believe that the body needs 7-9 hours of rest for every day, depending upon individual and hereditary characteristics. Undoubtedly proper amount of sleep is necessary for a smooth operating of our body without any ill effects. Some of the sleep deprivation effects include: –

®   Sluggish reactions to everything.

®   Improper judgements.

®   Distorted vision.

®   Difficulty in processing information.

®   Short-term memory loss.

®   Degradation in overall performance.

®   Lack of motivation.

®   Higher laziness and procrastination.

Advantages of power naps to counter the effects of sleep depreciation: –

®   Restores alertness and focus

®   Improved overall performance and endurance

®   Improves grasping power

®   Helps to avoid mistakes or accidents.

®   Improved mental health and reduced stress.

®   Gives you a relaxing feel.

®   Reduces anxiety.

These are the benefits of taking a power nap in the little free time you get from your busy life. If you don’t get enough sleep you tend to become more aggressive and annoyed by the silliest things. As a student, if you are trying severely hard to solve a math problem, but the solution just doesn’t come to you, taking a short nap can be helpful. After waking up and getting fresh you may get different ideas for a different type of approach to solve the same problem. Make sure you don’t oversleep. Set an alarm for 30 or40 mins and wake up accordingly. This short nap might also make you lazy and wanting to sleep more. Fight against that and allow your short nap to work effectively.